Friday, August 22, 2008


OK...I have been home the last 3 days with this dratted cold. I am bored to tears and tired of sleeping. I feel I will be up all night now after once again, sleeping all of the daylight hours away. If the cold doesn't have you sleepy enough, the antihistamines really do you in! I am feeling better and hope to be good as new in another day or so.
If you can believe this, I have been unable to put my plants back on their shelves due to continued rain AND winds...residuals of Tropical Storm Fay. (I have no idea why I would capitalize her name and title, since she was nothing but inconvenience and soaking rains to my outdoor succulents). I believe I must have the worlds greatest drainage out there in my sweet little babies seem to go through all of these tortures from time to time and come out still as sweet as rotting...good little babies!!!
So far it has been 4 days of this weather misery....and 5 days of my own misery since I was thinking back and the old sore throat started on Monday.
Oh well...glad to read about Mr. Brown Thumbs exciting adventures at the Garden Center Show (see my links). He is the best writer and gives you a good chuckle as well sometimes!
I am hoping Succulent Dish (see links) gets her online class (or should I say "teacher") worked out OK...congrats to her on getting to college after all these is admirable Succulent Dish!!!
Tootsie Time (see links)is so busy every minute of every day working on gardening projects. She has made the cutest tea pot bird bath...just adorable!
Hope Wicked Gardener (see links) is OK after the storm as well. You know this thing has just lingered over Florida so long!!!
I am on my way now to read all of your blogs...fellow blogger friends!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Tootsie said...

feel better girl...I am still trying to come up with that house for you! I think that it may be a winter project for us though...I need to enjoy what is left of this summer...can you imagine it! we have a frost warning again tonight...we had one at the beginning of July too! what the heck!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're okay, Julie, and only inconvenienced with your plants. Hope the cold leaves you soon!

Serena said...

I hope you're feeling 100% again very soon, Julie. (((Hugs)))

soulbrush said...

i have n't been around much since last week, hope you're feeling miles better soon, love the way you talk about your little plants, and talk to them too no doubt.

Julie said...

Thanks everyone! Today (Sunday now) feeling much better...back to work tomorrow!