Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Cactus Monday with Daily Value!'s the daughter and I drove approx. 20 miles the other day to the one and only paper arts/scrapbooking store in our county...and it is a lovely store, I'll tell ya...but...I just can't bring myself to buy any pre-made stuff, and I am not into stamping. I feel I must use junk and recycle, and draw, paint, etc. my own stuff...which can be really crappy, I the end...but what can I do if this is the way I am wired?

I came home, and just decided I HAD to cut up a coke can...with the intention of using it (with a rolled edge) for the back of an ATC...but I soon found out it was too soft for this....sadly...Anyhoo...I DID cut out the DAILY VALUE chart and used it in this doodle, while siting down trying to relax after a semi-crazy day...and this is what came out of it. Some people actually get value out of using cactus for medicinal purposes, and I think this tall planty-looking thing on the right side of page looks sort of cactusy...but maybe more like some sort of Euphorbia (which is actually a succulent). Once again I am selling out to the succulents (in general), rather than the cactus...(sorry CM group)...

I drew it on page 2 of the Christmas journal I made. I am ignoring the fact that it is themed for the wrong time of year, and just proceeding ahead with whatever...because who the heck actually gives a flying flip what I do? I know I don't!!! :)


soulbrush said...

roflol what a fun post with a crazy fun ending, yup who gives a heck what we do as long as it makes us smile. i too don't enjoy stamping and already made things, but love rummaging around in these art shops.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

follow your own path and you will be happiest. Ilike the drawing. Happy Cactus Monday.

deepazartz said...

It a really funky drawing and I just LOVE it!!! You know what I love rummaging around in art shops too...can spend hours there:))


ps: Thanks for the pack to L'tl A...It's a really super sweet gesture...L'tl A is really looking forward to it.

Thanks for your continued support and kind comments.
I have just joined a job and hence unable to find enuf time to spend in my blog as well as all you dear friends' blogs. But surely will as and when I get time, as now:))

Loads of love

Bobbie Lynn said...

Thank you Julie! Now my succulent has a name. : )

Love your doodling there. Purple and blue are a pretty combination. Need to work that into a few of my cards. Have a great day.

Bobbie Lynn

Aiyana said...

On my recent trip to Mexico for an art workshop we learned to cut up and use colorful soda cans as elements in our found object projects. It was easier than I expected, and I actually cut up several without serious injury! A lot of Mexican folk art makes use of the cans as well as the pop top tabs. We riveted on the tabs to the backs of our creations for hanging.
Love your creative ideas!

studio lolo said...

This makes me smile!! And I give a flip what you do...or at least to SEE what you've been doing whenever I drag my sorry butt over here :)

hey, thanks for the card order! That was a nice surprise!
I'll mail it out tomorrow if the streets are much freakin rain!!