Thursday, March 18, 2010

Check out this succulent planting idea!

Visit my blogger pal over in South Africa at My Aloe Garden to see the neatest way to set up a balcony garden. Just brilliant!!!
Eurica left the plants in their pots and covered them with rocks and pebbles! Very rustic and lovely!!! I love it Eurica!


Darla said...

On my way over there now.

Succuland said...

Hello from Turkey Julie.
I am a succulent fan like you. It will be great pleasure to follow your blog.

And also this idea is very nice to me. Plus if you paint it with white color or any color you like, I think it will look better.

donna said...

Thanks for sending me to visit My Aloe Garden in South Africa. It was worth the trip.


Tootsie said...

what a great idea!!! have fun with it!

Evelyn Howard said...

Yes, it is a nice one.

Green thumb said...

Bogging is wonderful! Thanks to you I hopped off to South Africa and the blog, 'My Aloe Garden' is really good.

SiestaSister said...

Love the turquoise stones!!