Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keep your gardening fingernails clean!

I had to post this, because I had been out trimming the other day,and then when you saw a pic of my fingernails in my last post...yes, that pic was taken after I had gone out and done all that work. What I do is two fold. First I never let the white part of the nail grow out on my nails...I can't stand to see dirt under my nails...ever! Then, before you go out to work, you scrape your nails on a bar of soap. When you come in, I brush my nails with an old toothbrush, but the pre-soaping technique assures you clean nails every time! I just thought I would post this info...I cannot remember where I read or heard about this...but it is a good tip!

I am currently at my sons home and the grands are sleeping. Quiet, at last! It was a fun afternoon and evening with them. I got a pic of Emily in the tubby, but can't upload till I get home to my laptop. I am using my sons computer right now. I also got a pic of Donovan with his pot of zinnia seedlings!

It is pouring cats and dogs here, finally....after a whole day of extreme overcast, and threatening to rain, it is finally doing it! Yeah!

My hubby took two large bags of collards to his work this morning, and two people took them home! I was so happy! We can't eat them fast enough!

Happy Friday everyone!


Cindy said...

I also keep my nails really short, and I have very farmy-looking hands right now because I've been doing so much weeding. Using the soap under the fingernails is a good idea, but what can keep the dirt out of the craggy, wrinkly lines in my fingers? (I know, a pair of gloves would help, but I hate wearing them unless I'm working with something really scratchy and poky.)

Evelyn Howard said...

LOL, I'm guilty of dirty nails, I often get paint in them too. Just as difficult to clean.

Happy weekend.

marianne said...

Have a nice time there Julie!

See the pics soon!

Darla said...

Like the nail tip. It rainine 2 1/2 inches yesterday, more coming today...sounds like you had fun with your grands....must be a blessing to have some much veggies you are giving them away..

Julie said...

Cindy- I hate wearing gloves also! is more of a problem, try lotion after working...let it stay on your hands and I think it helps to loosen the dirt..

Stapeliad said...

My nails are soft so don't grow well at all. Plus I do get paint in my nails sometimes, but I usually get it out within a day or 2. :)