Friday, March 5, 2010

A few more flower pics from the college

These are two really showy groundcovers, whose names I do not know. They are both really beautiful. The top pic is actually much more lavender in color than what shows up here.

How do you like this one with orange daisy-like flowers all in it! Stunning! Maybe I could replace my lawn with this?????

This vine with sweet yellow flowers was growing all over the arbor below

And last but not least...check out these Flame Vine flowers! WOWZERS!!!


Teri C said...

I LOVE those orange daisy flowers!!!!!!!!!!
And the rest are all beautiful also. :-)

Evelyn Howard said...

The 2nd and last - wowsers!!

Yes, replace yr lawn with the 2nd one - what beautiful blooms and the colour is just stunning.

Aiyana said...

The flame flowers are so pretty. They remind me of a couple of plants we have here, but the flame flowers are much brighter.

I've been on a self-imposed blog hiatus for more than a month now--finishing up on several chunky book trades, going to Puerto Vallarta for a week-long art class, taking two other art classes, etc. After catching up on your posts, I've decided I need to get going again, now that it's spring. We'll see if that happens!

Darla said...

Nice here..the flowering vine is Black Eyed Susan Vine, it comes in white too. It can be a garden hog but I love it all the same. Re: comment on my blog, as far as I know you can eat bronze fennel, I grow it to raise swallowtail butterflies..

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I would definitely replace the lawn with ground cover if I was allowed to. Ikeep planting and planting.

Malik said...
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Bobbie Lynn said...

What beautiful flowers they have there.

Desert Swamp Dweller said...

I miss living in Florida.

Claude said...

I don't know the orange flowers, but they are a wowser.

The purple flowers are one of the modern cultivars of Lantana, and someone else ID'd the black-eyed susan vine, a.k.a... clock vine or Thunbergia.

Julie said...

Claude- aren't those orange flower groundcover gorgeous??? Unreal.

Thanks for the ID on the lantana. I did not notice when I took the pic, but when I posted it, I thought about Lantana and wondered why I wouldn't have noticed that when I was there! Funny. I have two lantana at my house...well DID. I had to remove my white one, and I have one that is the standard orange and yellow variety. Love them.