Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a day!!!

The day here was spectacular! These kids are all worn out and have finally fallen fast asleep! My DIL and I took them to a pioneer day thingy with all sorts of steam engines doing all sorts of work. Of course, we got ice cream made by one of them! There was a petting zoo, and we had to walk a long trail into a really wonderful natural area to get to the spot where all the action was. Donovan saw a sawmill cut logs and move the sawdust out to a big pile, and boy, was he was enthralled! After we got home to my house, they played in a splash pool and ran around in the yard, played with chalk, etc...and then my son came over and we had BBQ chicken that he grilled for us. Have you ever tried Pierogies? Little mashed potato filled pasta pockets??? They are really fun, and very good. We had some of those with our chicken and brocolli. What a fun day! Lawsy!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whew, a fun filled day. I bet Grandma slept well too.

Darla said...

What a busy and delightful day!

Teri C said...

What a beautiful day!

My DH is Polish so yes, we have had pierogis and the funny par tis, I love them more than him.

messyfish said...

thats looks like the funnest splash pool ever!

Bethany said...

Sounds like a perfect day.
So weird to see summer and pools!
You're such a fun grandma.
Lucky kids.
I like perogies too.

Bobbie Lynn said...

How wonderful Julie.