Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mystery solved!

Serena over at Art By Serena I.D'd this bush for me!!! It is called Popcorn Cassia, or Peanut Butter Cassia (Senna didymobotrya). I researched it on Google as well. It sure is beautiful as it is opening up these dark pods! I think it should be called the BLACK Popcorn Cassia!!!

Thanks Serena!!! And thanks for all of your comments!!!

*Today I am thankful for all of you!! Happy Sunday!


faroutflora said...

Whao, the flowers are crazy. I will keep my eye out for one. Matti

Aerelonian said...

I thought it might be a Cassia. I would have had no idea but I saw a similar, although different plant mentioned in a commercial. It had dropping flowers that were less tightly packed with no black pods. I should have maybe mentioned it anyways but thankfully you now have an ID.

thewritegardener said...

Hi Ms. Julie, I found your blog via W2W's. The leaves on that plant are really cool, I like them almost better than the blooms. It'd have to be grown as an annual here in zone 5.

Darla said...

I knew it was a type of Cassia..